Thursday, 27 January 2011

NEF A2: 6 A letter to a friend

From: Susana
To: Daniel
Subject: Visit to Spain
Date: January 26 2011

Hi Daniel!

Thank you for your last e-mail. I’m very happy for your news. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

I’ll try to answer to all your questions. I think that the best month to come is May or June, because the weather isn’t very hot yet. If I were you, I would visit Barcelona, Valencia, Córdoba, Málaga, Sevilla, and Granada. If you take the train AVE from Madrid, you’ll get very quickly to all these cities. I would recommend more places but you only have three weeks.

When you arrive in Madrid I’ll take you to the most beautiful and interesting places in the city: the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, the Retiro gardens, the Sun Gate, the Mayor Square and the part of the city called “Madrid de los Austrias”. This is a part of Madrid that I like very much.

In Madrid there are many hotels. Depending on the money that you want to spend I’ll recommend the best hotel to you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes