Tuesday, 21 December 2010

NEF A2: 2 The story behind a photo

One of my favourite photos is of the entrance to the Temple of Ramses II in Abu-Simbel.
My husband took the photo in autumn of 2005, exactly on October 1, when we were on holiday in Egypt.
We flew to El Cairo. There we went sightseeing the Giza Necropolis, Memphis, Saqqara Necropolis, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, and so on. After two days, we went by train to Luxor, the ancient Thebes, where we took a cruiser ship and we sailed for the Nile.
When we arrived at Aswan, we took a bus to Abu Simbel. I had waited for this moment all my life. The weather was very hot although the sun was rising, but we didn’t mind because the sight was amazing. I felt very small next to such grandeur.
I’ll never forget that moment. I’ll go back, I’m sure.