Tuesday, 2 November 2010

NEF A1: 2 An informal e-mail / letter

Hi Oscar
My name's Yimi. I'm from Spain, and I live in Arganda del Rey (Madrid). I'm a lorry driver, but now I'm unemployed. I study English in my free time.
I speak Spanish and a little bit of English. I want to learn English for my children and because I like it.
I have a big family. I have a wife and children, also I have two sisters and a brother. My wife is unemployed and my children go to school. My sisters and my brother are at work. My father is retired and my mother is a dustwoman. My wife is 30, my daughter is 5 and my son is 2. My brother is 35, and my sisters are 30 and 29. I'm 34.
I like music, cinema and sport. I like going to my parents' house and watching films on TV with my family every Monday.
Please write soon.
Best wishes


Hi Laura,

My name's Adriana. I'm from Romania, but I live in Spain. I'm unemployed and I study English four days a week.
I speak Romanian, Spanish and little English. I want to learn English because I love it very much and I think it's an interesting language.
I have one sister. Her name's Corina. I have two nephews. My father is very ill. He's 68. They live in Romania. I'm married. My husband's name's Sorin. I have a son. His name's Deian. He's 18. He is a student of Environmental Science. I also have a dog. Its name's Cora. We love it very much.
Please write soon.
Best wishes,