Friday, 17 April 2009

St. George's Day

On 23rd April, England celebrates the day of its patron saint, St. George. But, St. George isn't just the patron saint of England. In this WebQuest you will discover the answers to these questions: Who was St. George? What is he the patron saint of? Where is his day celebrated? Did he really kill a dragon?
Activity 1: Who was Saint George?

Choose one of the topics below and prepare a report. The questions will help you prepare your report. You can use these two sites for information:

1. A biography of St. George

a) Who was St George?
b) Where was he born?
c) What was his occupation?
d) What kind of person was he?
e) What was the official religion of the Roman Empire?
f) What did the Roman Emperor do that made St. George angry?
g) What was St. George's reaction?
h) What did the Roman Emperor do to St. George?

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